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Rules & Terms

All entries must meet Festival Rules for consideration. By entering or submitting a film to the festival, the Filmmaker acknowledges and agrees to all of the following terms:

1. All entries must be original works created & owned by the Filmmaker.

2. By entering the Festival, and submitting the Entry, the Filmmaker warrants that he or she owns all rights to the Entry and the material contained therein and further grants to the Festival the following non-exclusive, irrevocable licenses to screen the Entry via any form or media; limited publishing (less than 2000 words) for promotional purposes of the name, likeness, voice or image of the filmmaker(s), cast, crew, biographies of the same, still images and plot synopsis of the Entry as well as any other information about the Entry and/or its cast and/or crew provided via

3. Deadline is 11:59pm EST, July 1st, 2018. No Entries will be accepted after this time.

4. GENRE LIMITATIONS: The Syracuse Sci-Com Film Festival is NOT open to all genres. All Entries for any category submitted MUST be in one or more of the following genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action/Adventure or Supernatural. Fan-Films, Music Videos, Comedies, Animations, Dramas and/or Documentaries set within or related to any of these genres will also be accepted.

5. Films in languages other than English, must have English subtitles or English dubbing.

6. All entries must be submitted via FilmFreeway.

7. To be accepted; submitted films must be completely edited and in their final completed form.

Due to extenuating conditions the Syracuse Sci-Com Film fest is being postponed until 2019. We were thrilled to recieve nearly 100 submissions for the festival and know that we will have an excellent festival when it is able to fully launch next year! Thank you for your support and hop into your tardis or delorean and we will see you in THE FUTURE!


The 1st Annual Syracuse Sci-Com Film Festival is a two day event which focuses solely on Science Fiction ,Fantasy and Anime films from around the world! 

This event was created with the mindset of a comic book convention without the overcrowded vendor floors! This festival will have live panels, cos-play, special guests, and of course dozens of screenings of both fan flicks and original content!

The Syracuse Sci-Com Film Fest aims to bring the highest level of excellence in the genre and not forget why we love this unique cinematic art form. 
And for those who don't have a film made but who may have a fantastic idea, we will have a "3 minute pitch" contest! The winner will have the ability to option their film to be made!
Also we will be hosting a networking cocktail hour which will take place before the scheduled screenings. Any filmmakers in attendance will be invited to participate in an audience Q & A after the screening.