About Our Production Company

More than Movies

What We Offer

Corporate Videos and Commercials

We are proud to be offer high quality, engaging advertisments and corporate videos in full 4k.


Music Videos

Our creative team works hand in hand with ourt artists to craft the best video to accomapny a wide array of musical styles.

As a husband and father of three there is not enough QUALITY entertainment that is not lewd or vulgar.
That is what I aim to create. Film, music videos, and entertainment that the entire family can actually enjoy together.
We create music video, commercials, personal videos, and of course our personal favorites, full length feature films. There is beauty everywhere in the world and we choose not to include unnecessary cursing, nudity, or other various vulgarities. 

John Ginty is a founding member of the CNY Film Professionals and the Associate Artistic Director for the Syracuse International Film Festival

We search for perfection.

This is why we have invested in top tier 4k technology to create media that will inspire and move. 

Bumpers and Trailers

For those with the need for supplementary content we are able to dedicate our resources to assiting you in reaching your goals. 


Event Video Production

We specialize in capturing your event and can even make a memorable recap for you to watch or dissemenate in the future.